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Yıldız Life Hotel opening


Adnan Yildiz, brother of Ömer Yıldız, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Eurasia University, has made an important investment in the accommodation sector after the automotive sector in Trabzon. He has opened a hotel with 26 rooms and 54 beds on the coast road in Ortahisar Çimenli Mahallesi.

Eurasia University President of the Board of Trustees Ömer Yıldız, former deputy Asım Aykan, Trabzon Metropolitan Mayor Deputy Mayor Seyfullah Kınalı, Ortahisar Mayor Ahmet Metin Genç, Yomra Mayor İbrahim Sağıroğlu, Rector of Eurasian University Prof. Dr. Aşkın Asan, Secretary General Gülay Yeniçeri, Business owner Adnan Yıldız and his family, as well as many guests attended to opening ceremony.


The first talk in the opening program was made by Ömer Yıldız, President of the Board of Trustees of the University of Eurasia. He saıd 'We continue to contribute to the economy of the Trabzon. We have always been family linked to our nationality, country and flag. We have always planed what we can do the best for our nation. Today we are here to open a new establishment of my younger brother Adnan Yıldız. We, employ about eight hundred staff members as five brothers. The only goal of our family is to serve Trabzon and to our country the best. I am grateful to the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality, the mayors of Ortahisar and the members of the council, who have been a great support for the acquisition of this facility to Trabzon.


Yomra Mayor Ibrahim Sağıroğlu speech emphasized the need for accommodation in Trabzon. Sağıroğlu, Adnan Yildiz did a great job in the automotive sector. Such a deposit has also entered the field of preservation. In Trabzon, all the eyes on Trabzom for tourism. In this context, we are working together with all of our local manager friends to make some more of these works. In doing so, we will never nullify the inspection. With our governor of Trabzon, we will do these checks more accurately and frequently with our Metropolitan Municipality and Ortahisar Municipality. We are working to ensure that our domestic and foreign tourists coming from Trabzon are happy to leave here.


Ortahisar Mayor Ahmet Metin Genç made a speech during the opening program. We are together in a young, very meaningful ceremony, and at the same time, we are waiting for a meaningful night, and from here we celebrate the 'kandil' of the whole Islamic world. YILDIZ family is a family that is connected to the motherland, the nation, land, as well as a family that makes things meaningful. Mr Ömer Yıldız, besides making tge best services during the mayor's presidency, he has also made a big investment for Trabzon on education area. For this reason, I would like to thank Ömer Yıldız, chairman of the board of trustees of Eurasia University. But at the same time Adnan Yildiz, another member of the family, crowned a very successful business life with such investments, this gives us happiness and makes us proud.

Former deputy Asım Aykan and Deputy Mayor of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Seyfullah Kınalı also made speeches at the opening program before cutting the opening ribon